Green Wall Plant Paintings: Bridging the Gap Between Plants and Art

LivePicture is a living painting using plants which give your living and working environment a green and beautiful atmosphere. These green wall plant paintings are beautiful to look at and provide a sense of calm and peace to any space.

A LivePicture brings new life and interest to any bare wall, bridging the gap between plants and art. They hang on the wall as easily as a painting. No electricity and no water connection is required. Instead, these green wall plant paintings have a smart, integrated watering system which makes caring for the plants and keeping them healthy a breeze.

LivePictures are easy to install and easy to maintain. Just add water once every six weeks. The internal irrigation system contains sufficient water for approximately 6 weeks depending on pruning, the temperature and types of plant used. The irrigation system has a visible water level indicator indicating when it is full or requires refilling.

Benefits of a LivePicture

  • Exchangeable plant cassettes
  • No electricity needed
  • Water supply for 6 weeks
  • No water connection, drain or irrigation needed
  • Manual water refill
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Smart and silent water level indicator
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • High quality frames

For Plant Painting Ideas View These Examples Of Planted LivePictures

Videos on LivePictures

LivePicture formats

LivePicture is available in five different formats. The format refers to the number of plant cassettes that contain the list, ranging from a LivePicture 1 with a plant cassette to the grand model of the series, the LivePicture XL with a total of 6 plant cassettes.

Available colors

LivePicture is available in three different standard colors. Other (RAL) colors and personalization with own logo, design or picture are available on request . See the range of plant mixes that can be delivered in a ready-made, fully mature plant cassette.


LiveDivider is also available as a model in SketchUp's online library, 3D Warehouse. Use the search terms 'Mobilane' or 'LiveDivider'.