LiveDivider: The Green Room Divider

A LiveDivider is a green room divider that is planted on both sides. Green room dividers offer privacy and a feeling of wellbeing within any indoor environment. They also help reduce ambient noise.


A LiveDivider (green room divider) consists of a metal frame that stands on a fixed or mobile base. On each side of the LiveDivider frame there are 6 plant cassette inserts. Because of the exchangeable plant cassettes you are able to change the plant varieties to reflect the season or to theme with special events or designs.It requires no power and will keep plants healthy. Plants only need watering every 4 weeks. It can be used in most situations providing there is enough light. This sustainable system provides your living or working environment with an instant beautiful and calming atmosphere. In addition, the plants in the LiveDivider will reduce the carbon monoxide and pollutant particles in your environment.

Benefits of LiveDivider

  • Removable cassettes
  • Helps create a healthy living and working environment
  • Integrated water supply system
  • No pump or electricity required
  • Water supply good for 4-6 weeks
  • Promotes privacy
  • Good for acoustics in space
  • Detached

Examples Of Planted, Ready To Use Products

Video of the product


LiveDivider is also available as a model in SketchUp's online library, 3D Warehouse. Use the search terms 'Mobilane' or 'LiveDivider'.