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        Yunnan International Coffee Trading Center of Jinyuan flower launched "target price insurance" to inject a strong shot into Yunnan coffee industry


               On the morning of October 14, 2019, the launching ceremony of Yunhua digital exhibition hall construction project was held in Kunming International Flower Auction and Trading Center Co., Ltd. In order to build the world-class strategic leading ability and leading position of Yunnan flower industry, and to better display the development process and future development trend of Yunnan flower industry, response to the national digital economic development strategy. According to the relevant planning and development requirements of Kunming municipal Party committee and municipal government, Kunming International Flower Auction and Trading Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kunming Flower Auction Center and KIFA") will build a composite digital exhibition hall with cloud flower industry and digital cloud flower as the main content, based on the company's many years of flower industry operation experience, flower transaction information system construction and data accumulation.

               After the completion of cloud flower digital exhibition hall, it will be the centralized exhibition area of cloud flower industry. Through big data analysis, it will guide the whole industrial chain of flower planting, production, logistics and trading, and at the same time, it will enable domestic and foreign merchants to further deepen their understanding of flower auction center and Yunnan flower industry. In the exhibition hall, you can see the process of a flower from flower field to thousands of families. At the same time, we can feel hundreds of uses of flowers. The layout of the exhibition hall is reasonable. Pictures, videos, animations, sand tables and exhibition stands will also be arranged. With the help of 5g network, multi-dimensional scenes will be created and experienced in AR, VR, fragrance and other fields, so that the beauty of cloud flowers can be seen, heard, smelled and touched.



        The project participated in by Kunming International Flower Auction and trading center of Jinyuan flower won the second prize of national science and technology progress in 2018