We Build and Design Sustainable Living Plant Walls

Based in Hawai‘i, Green Wall Designs is the exclusive distributor of patented Mobilane green wall systems, which are world-renowned for their ease of use, durable construction, and sustainable production. Green Wall Designs would like to inspire and show you that more green can make a real difference to your business or residential environment including stress reduction, cleaner air and reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, sustainable plant walls, when used outdoors, can attract beneficial organisms like bees, butterflies, small birds and ladybugs. When used indoors, living green walls, can transform a dull interior with bright colors and greenery. Whether you are looking to build a large, jaw-dropping custom green wall system or looking to spruce up your space with a framed living picture, our team can help guide, design, install and plant a living green wall system that is easy to maintain and built to last.

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  • "These patented wall systems are perfect for businesses that want to create a feeling of calm and happiness in their space. They are surprisingly easy and affordable to maintain."
    Brandon Janes
  • "Regardless of whether you choose a live frame, a room divider, or a large wall installation, these systems are very easy to care for. Each is made of small recycled plastic cartridges that can pop in and out making it very easy to change and replacing plants."
    Jozsef Pusztai
  • "It's incredible to see how a home can be transformed by a vibrant living wall of plants. In addition to their beauty, many plants — such as ferns — are known to help improve air quality."
    Viktoria Ujj